The BTI Program

What To Expect:

  • Speak to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPTs).  Contact us via phone, e-mail or text to inquire further.

  • BTI will perform a sport specific risk assessment (SSRA). One of our DPTs will assess posture, flexibility, strength, balance, and functional movements depending on which sport you select.

  • You will be provided a comprehensive report detailing strengths and any areas that pose potential risks for future injury.

  • An individualized exercise plan will be created for you based upon the SSRA performed.

  • Recommendations for referral, follow up and re-evaluations will be included.

  • Get to work! Follow your recommendations.

  • Schedule a re-evaluation to assess how much improvement you’ve made.

  • Play with confidence knowing you’ve put in the work Before the Injury to keep you in the game!


Speak to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy about scheduling a sport specific risk assessment.