Our Services

Sport Specific Risk Assessment

Assessments designed and performed by our Doctors of Physical Therapy for our younger athletes to help limit the risk of injury as they progress through their career. This way they can rest assured they’re doing everything they can to reach and stay at the top of their game!

Comprehensive Training Program

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will perform evaluations and provide recommendations to ensure you are functioning at your optimal level while identifying risks for injury before they occur. This plan is our most comprehensive package as we will meet with the athlete multiple times throughout their annual training cycle to track any loss of strength or mobility. Adjustments will be made to their training plan as needed to keep you operating at peak performance.

Sports Teams: Screening and Conditioning

If your team is looking to take the next step to becoming champions, contact our Doctors of Physical Therapy to scan team members and develop an individual or team program for success.

A Program for Golfers

Have one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy evaluate your mobility, strength and balance to ensure you have the fundamentals to go low. We will develop a dynamic mobility and stability program to address your needs and meet your goals.

Workout Design After Previous Injury

If you’ve had the misfortune of suffering an injury earlier in your life that has led to aches and pains now, let one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy design a plan that addresses these issues to get you back to optimum health and performance.

Weekend Warriors: A Tune Up and Fitness Plan

If you’re still lacing up on the weekends and want to keep it going, let one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy evaluate your strength and flexibility


Speak to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy about scheduling a sport specific risk assessment.