The Why

BTI Sports & Wellness was founded by Joe Ware as an attempt to modernize the current model of sports medicine. His motivation stemmed from suffering career ending injuries that could have been prevented, a condition that led to early onset osteoarthritis in both knees. Having seen hundreds of other young athletes suffer similar fates, he determined to make a change. Currently, healthcare is aimed to treat injuries after they occur. Some programs outline regimens that can prepare the athlete to participate, but they are generic and do not consider¬† individual unique body types and characteristics. It’s time to reverse the way we think; time to act Before the Injury!

The Who

Joe Ware, President

Joe lives in Doylestown with his wife, young daughter and teenage son and daughter who are high level athletes.  He is a CB East graduate and received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. He has 17 years of clinical experience dealing with injured athletes of all ages and, in addition, is certified by the Hospital of Special Surgery to evaluate and treat overhead athletes. A former athlete himself, his long-time purpose has been to help young athletes stay healthy for as long as possible.


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